GridInstrument 0.9 is out!

Posted on November 23, 2017 by David Hilowitz

A new version (0.9) of GridInstrument is out. It features:

– Ability to set the MIDI velocity level to a fixed value.
– Ability to set the MIDI velocity to random value within a range (for example, random between 95 and 105, to give a more natural feel).
– Ability to set row overlap/offset like on Launchpad Pro – you can find this in the Layout menu.

Adorno Media is now Decidedly

Posted on December 23, 2013 by David Hilowitz

That is all. 🙂

PHP TIP: A quick, non-RegEx way of replacing an IMG tag’s SRC= attribute

Posted on June 25, 2013 by David Hilowitz

It’s often useful to be able to swap out the src= attribute of an HTML IMG tag without losing any of the other attributes. Here’s a quick, non-regex way of doing this. It uses the PHP DOM API to create a tiny HTML document, then saves the XML for just the IMG element.

function replace_img_src($original_img_tag, $new_src_url) {
    $doc = new DOMDocument();

    $tags = $doc->getElementsByTagName('img');
    if(count($tags) > 0)
           $tag = $tags->item(0);
           $tag->setAttribute('src', $new_src_url);
           return $doc->saveXML($tag);

    return false;

: In versions of PHP after 5.3.6, $doc->saveXML($tag) can be changed to $doc->saveHTML($tag).

TIP: FiddlerHook: Easier Support for Fiddler in Firefox

Posted on November 16, 2009 by David Hilowitz

You may all already know about this, but on reinstalling Fiddler I was pleasantly surprised to discover this: official support for Fiddler in Firefox. Not bad, right? It comes in the form of an extension called “FiddlerHook.”

Read more here:


PS. Up until now I had been using something called “SwitchProxy” to do almost the same thing, but this is definitely better.

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