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  • Floyd’s Worthwhile Endeavor v0.8.4 Released!

    A new version of Floyd’s Worthwhile Endeavor is now available on the App Store. Here are the highlights of this release: Five new types of hats! Elephants are less dangerous: they can only kill you when you then are walking towards you. Better memory usage New help text in Level 1 Bug Fix: Floyd no […]

  • Presenting Floyd’s Worthwhile Endeavor

    For the past eight months, I have been working on an iOS game based on the photography of Eadward Muybridge. As of this week, the game is now in the App Store. Since my quiet soft-launch earlier this week, it has already been downloaded more than five thousand times!

  • jsTaskPaper: Display Taskpaper Todo lists as HTML using Javascript

    For the longest time I’ve wanted to set up a giant billboard-style to-do list in my office–something that would be so big that it would be hard to ignore.  I was tempted by Panic’s gorgeous Status Board iOS app, but I didn’t know how easy it would be to integrate my daily Taskpaper-based todo lists with […]

  • Introducing Tito

    Hi Everyone, I wanted to introduce the first of what I hope will be several Chrome Experiments (prediction: all HTML5, and all music-related). It’s called Tito, and you can play with it here. What is it? It’s an early prototype for a musical instrument that uses a bouncing ball gravity model to trigger and manipulate […]

  • RELEASE: Da Metronome 1.0

    Download Da Metronome 1.0 (21k) – A metronome program for Windows 95 / 98 / XP.  It lets you select between the built-in sound, the PC speaker, and your own wave file. It also features a drop-down menu to let you selected the priority of the program (for better timing accuracy). Requires file “mfc40.dll”.

  • RELEASE: da Modulator 0.99b

    Download DaMod 0.99b (40k) – A modulation experiment kit. It generates different waveforms and allows the user to export these to a wave file. Much cooler is that the user can also choose modulate an external wave file with the currently selected waveform settings. Lots of experimental sounds can be made this way. Great for […]