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  • Presenting GridInstrument for macOS!

    Did you ever wish you could use your Launchpad grid controller to play notes like you can on a MIDI keyboard? Now you can! GridInstrument connects to your Launchpad external grid controller and lets you it like a MIDI controller! Better still, it works together with any music software that accepts MIDI input. Buy it […]

  • GridInstrument 0.9 is out!

    A new version (0.9) of GridInstrument is out. It features: – Ability to set the MIDI velocity level to a fixed value. – Ability to set the MIDI velocity to random value within a range (for example, random between 95 and 105, to give a more natural feel). – Ability to set row overlap/offset like […]

  • Floyd Worthwhile Endeavor v1.1 Released!

    A brand new version of Floyd has been released! Here’s what’s new: A new game element: Moving platforms! Ten new levels (41 through 50)! A new background music song (hear it in levels 41, 42, and 46)! Two gorgeous new level backgrounds A counter on the main screen that shows your total number of hats […]

  • Floyd’s Worthwhile Endeavor Trailer

  • Floyd’s Worthwhile Endeavor v1.0 Released

    Ghost hats! These turn Floyd into ghost for short amounts of time. Useful for sneaking past dangerous animals such as… Packs of vicious dogs. Watch out! Ten more levels! Intro animation with voices When Floyd gets three ribbons at the end of a level, we can now hear Muybridge say “Well done, my boy!” It’s […]

  • Floyd’s Worthwhile Endeavor v0.8.4 Released!

    A new version of Floyd’s Worthwhile Endeavor is now available on the App Store. Here are the highlights of this release: Five new types of hats! Elephants are less dangerous: they can only kill you when you then are walking towards you. Better memory usage New help text in Level 1 Bug Fix: Floyd no […]

  • TIP: How to find the full URL of a file within your Application’s Bundle

    This is an iPhone Programming tip. Say you want to find  the full URL of a file within your Application’s Bundle (mainBundle), here’s how you would do it. Example: This would return the full URL of a file named “Sound2.caf”: CFURLRef fileURL; NSString *path; path = [[NSBundle mainBundle] pathForResource:@”Sound2″ ofType:@”caf”]; fileURL = (CFURLRef)[NSURL fileURLWithPath:path];