GridInstrument 0.9 is out!

A new version (0.9) of GridInstrument is out. It features:

– Ability to set the MIDI velocity level to a fixed value.
– Ability to set the MIDI velocity to random value within a range (for example, random between 95 and 105, to give a more natural feel).
– Ability to set row overlap/offset like on Launchpad Pro – you can find this in the Layout menu.


3 responses to “GridInstrument 0.9 is out!”

  1. Jacob Avatar

    Hey I’m really interested in purchasing this app but there’s one thing I haven’t been able to find out, can I connect to ableton live and use it as a midi controller? Thanks

  2. Mik Avatar

    Hi David
    One of interesting way of using GIapp is in daw-less setup, it can be used with Novation Circuit as external keyboard for synth playing. The idea I can recommend to implement is to add possibility of using and controlIng at least of two launchpads to play two synth parts on Novation Circuits. Like target channel for synth two from second pad

  3. web page

    GridInstrument 0.9 is out! – Decidedly Decidedly

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